Virtual Reality Casino – The Revolution in Online Casino Gaming

If you are looking for the authenticity of magically lit casino halls, spinning roulette wheels, blackjack tables, the tempting sound of slot games, we offer you gear VR games to enjoy in the comfort of your home!  As a passionate casino gambler, you must’ve tried playing the online casinos, but if you‘re still not impressed with the online gaming like the real deal, we offer you something completely different!

VR technology offers a brand new online adventure to all those who want to feel the real experience of casino reality – Virtual Reality Casino is the next best thing in the world of VR, trying to realistically recreate the brick and mortar casino atmosphere, reproducing the sights and the sounds of the actual casino. The technology is finally at a level when it can deliver ultra realistic experiences for the VR market, and Virtual Reality Casino is definitely one of them!


What is a Virtual Reality Casino?

Virtual reality is a simulation of the real world that you get into, by putting a VR headset with multiple LED screens and the amazing hi-fi sound system. Casino VR headset is sound and lightproof, not allowing any light nor sound disturbances from the surrounding. The VR technology has been developing for the last 20 years by the companies like Sony, OSVR, HTC and Oculus Rift and it found its way to education, health, military purposes and, of course, gaming. Virtual Reality Casino, thus, literally rolls out the red carpet to their players, providing them with the real brick and mortar casino ambiance. Playing the Virtual Reality Casino, actually, means encountering a 3D setting, actively interacting and playing a favorite casino game in the real casino setting. Sounds too good to be true? Well, congratulations! Your dreams have finally become reality!

Paving the way to Casino VR

The virtual casino online gambling industry has been fastly developing in the last couple of years, and a large majority of  top casino software companies, like Microgaming and Netent, have been trying to find the best possible ways to incorporate VR in their software techology. 21st century has not recreated and improved the bad and simple graphics from the 90s, but, in fact, it brought and added various interesting features, making virtual reality gambling a world phenomenon and turining virtual gaming into a cosmic experience! VR casino broadens the horizons by attracting more and more players every day who enjoy the luxury of the real brick and mortar Las Vegas casinos in the comfort of their own homes.


How Does Virtual Reality Casino Look Like?

Virtual casino games go beyond the ordinary 3D interfaces and thrust players directly into high-resolution imagery of the casino hall. By using a VR headset and a compatible VR gambling platform, players experience a genuine and lifelike interactive casino adventures. Except for playing gear VR games, casino VR poker gamblers can get a drink at a bar, sit in the lounge and chat with other people, even light a cigar! While moving your head, your field of view automatically changes with no delay. Let‘s go through the list of features that VR casinos typically offer:


  • Online and casino gaming combined into a strong, unique an captivating experience;
  • Lifelike 3D casino game rooms that can be walked through and explored by the gamer;
  • Realistic multiplayer games and slot machines where you can interact with other players;
  • The ability to display hand and body gestures, both yours and of others;
  • Real casino sounds;
  • Constant improvement and addition of new casino VR games;
  • In-game chat and voice functionalities.



Standard Online Casino vs Virtual Casino Games

To put it simply: virtual casino online simply give their player more convincing, more realistic and totally immersive gambling experience of a real, land-based casino that can be addictive and can last for hours. Playing casino games on mobile and tablet have definitely improved the online gambling in the comfort of your home, but for more fresh and exciting sensory iGambling experience choose a casino VR that offer a complete digital recreation of real or imagined setting with 3D virtual elements that will make you completely absorb the magic of the online casino world. The experience that you get by playing Virtual Reality casino games can be compared to MMO RPG games like Warcraft, Tera or Rift, allowing you, as a player, to interact with other players and escape to the virtual world an remain there as long as you want. The following advantages and disadvantages of Virtual reality casinos underline the most important aspects that every gamer should pay attention to:

Advantages of VR Casinos

A gambler’s presence in the game is detected.
Social aspect is strong enabling players to chat at the casino from the comfort of their own home.
Sometimes the Live Chat feature is available for casino players to talk to dealers.
A great array of gear VR games is constantly growing.
An opportunity to escape from the daily routine.
Opportunity to win the money without being physically present in the brick and mortar Casino.
Constant improvements in the Virtual  Casino online realm.


Disadvantages of  VR Casinos

VR gamblers are likely to spend more money betting in comparison to online casinos.
Since Virtual Reality Casinos are more immersive, it can be addictive – players might lose track of time and the reality outside VR Casino.
Investing in PC requirements and VR headset can be expensive.
Virtual casino gaming is still in the developing phase, so there are not many games offered.

There are only a few VR casinos available on the internet because they are still in the infancy phase, but it won‘t be long before Virtual reality casinos would start popping up! If you want to gamble in one of the few Virtual Reality Casinos, you must know that most online casinos don‘t offer VR version of your favorite 2D game, but still there is a fantastic array of games that include slots, virtual poker, blackjack, roulette or backgammon tournaments. In addition, the leading casino software providers are currently in the process of testing the VR products, and the online gamers will soon be able to try them out and enjoy even the better virtual reality experience.

Types of Games at Casino VR

There are only a few VR casinos available on the internet because they are still in the infancy phase, but it won‘t be long before Virtual reality casinos would start popping up! If you want to gamble in one of the few Virtual Reality Casinos, you must know that most online casinos don‘t offer VR version of your favorite 2D game, but still there is a fantastic array of games that include slots, virtual poker, blackjack, roulette or backgammon tournaments. In addition, the leading casino software providers are currently in the process of testing the VR products, and the online gamers will soon be able to try them out and enjoy even the better virtual reality experience.

Requirements Needed for Playing a VR Casino

If you decide to play a virtual casino game, your strong desire is not enough – you must have an adequate gear, which is, to be honest, not cheap. However, it is specifically designed for playing games with high graphics. Make sure that your VR device is accompanied with proper requirements before you sign up for any VR casino game.


Computer specs

Your computer must be strong since the VR headset needs the processing power from your PC, and here‘s the list of requirements needed:

  • A GeForce GTX 970 or greater
  • A head-mounted display
  • A PC with USB 3.0 support
  • CPU: Intel Core i5- 4590 equivalent or greater CPU
  • 8GB+ RAM of Memory/RAM
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

If you want to be sure that your gear VR PC meets the requirements of virtual reality software, use the GeForce GTX VR Program. It‘s highly recommended that your PC has one of the following GeForce programs:

  • GTX 970
  • GTX 980
  • GTX 980 Ti
  • GTX 1080
  • or GTX 1070 GPU.


-VR headset

In order to play a VR casino game, VR headset is, of course, desirable for the unique virtual reality casino experience. Using a Virtual reality headset means that the game that you play is not ordinary and its requirements are more serious than the requirements of the ordinary online casinos. Playing a VR casino game needs seven times the processing power than a regular online game! If a gamer wants a smooth gameplay, he/she needs a device that supports 90fps, so that the VR gaming system coud function properly.


-Data glove

Data glove presents a VR controller including multiple buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks. The moment you put on a data glove, you enter the virtual reality realm – the bio-sensing glove with its tiny sensors detects the way your body moves and sends the information to your PC. This data is analyzed and transformed into reactions that are visible on the screen. However, if you find buying this glove too expensive, the developers of VR casino games provide an opportunity for their gamblers to play VR casino games by simply using keyboards and regular controllers.


Virtual Casino Games That Can Be Played Without the Specialized VR Gear

If you can‘t afford expensive VR gear, VR goggles or data glove, don‘t worry! You can still play some virtual reality games. The excellent VR 3D graphics will be presented on your mobile phone or desktop, but keep in mind that you won’t have the breathtaking experience as with Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift goggles. We suggest the top 5 virtual reality titles that will give you a near to excellent VR action while playing the games:


  1. Online Roulette

If you love roulette and you are excited while you‘re waiting for the ball to come to a halt to your number, choose online roulette, which was the first pilot game to be tested with VR, so this game will provide you with the closest to virtual reality experience.


  1. Online Blackjack

This game is another virtual reality gem that can be played without the specialized VR gear. It will provide you with fairly enjoyable and profitable casino action. Good luck with beating the VR dealer!


  1. Miss Midas

The classic story of King Midas who turns everything he touches into gold is recreated through the 25 pay line slot female character Miss Midas. The admirable ‘Superbet‘ technology, extra winning combinations, and virtual reality facelift have caught the eye of even the most critical gamers in the recent years.


  1. Starburst

The first virtual reality casino Slot Millions was given a VR facelift for the gamers who are not able to play with headgear and a specialized gloves. This specific gaming environment NetEnt recreated in classic Starburst. This game has stood the test of time with its quality, and although it provides just 10 pay lines, you‘ll appreciate the combination of valuable graphics, cool sounds, and enjoyable gameplay.


  1. Jack and the Beanstalk

As one of the first adopters of the new technology NetEnt enhanced the classic slot game with VR technology. Cool graphics and 3D sound will enable an enjoyable experience to all those who possess the Google Cardboard (this platform turns the images on the screen to VR).


Casino VR FAQs

  1. What is the first step in playing VR Casino games online?

The first step in playing VR casino games is opening an account at the VR casino site and downloading an app. Choose a username and password, and log in!


  1. Do I have to download a VR casino game to play it?

Virtual casino games are different from regular online casino games that can be played in a browser. Download VR games for free and enjoy the real casino experience.


  1. Do I have to use VR headset /Occulus goggles to play VR Casino games?

Virtual reality casino developers had in mind the players who couldn‘t afford the expensive VR headsets, but who still, have a desire to play. The answer is no – you don‘t have to use the VR headset to play the virtual reality games. However, keep in mind that the virtual reality experience won’t be convincing.


  1. What happens if I don‘t use the VR headset?

It would still be possible to play VR casino games. You‘ll see the games in 3D, but it‘s not the same experience as with using the VR goggles. If you don‘t want to use them, choose a different type of casino game.


  1. Do I need a VR data glove to play?

It‘s not a problem if you don‘t have or can‘t afford a special VR data glove. Unlike other VR games, you can use a simple keyboard or joystick to manage the game.


  1. Can other VR players see me while playing?

Just as you can see other casino gamblers, the same way they can see you. A Casino VR enables all active players to enter simultaneously and interact.


  1. Will other players be able see my screen?

No, only you can view your own screen, and that way enjoy the privacy while gambling.  You are also not allowed to have an insight into other players‘ screens.


  1. Do virtual casinos provide bonuses and other benefits?

Yes, they do! They offer bonuses, promotions, deposit, withdrawal options, just like any other online casino site.


  1. Will I be able to access my casino lobby?

You can check this when you register at the VR casino site. Some offer this option, and some don‘t. When you register, you‘ll see if a site offers My lobby option, and also what are the other options at your disposal.


  1. Does VR casino accept players from around the world?

Unfortunately, no, but the situation is the same with the regular online casinos. Before you start gambling, you should check out if this service is legal in your country.

Where to play VR Casinos?





Enjoy the lifelike experience that the regular online gaming technology cannot beat!

It seems that we are standing on the precipice of the new era of online casino gambling, cause it involves an entirely new level of visual, emotional and psychological experience. If you want to actively participate and add some creativity in exploring real luxurious brick and mortar casino from your home, try gambling at the Virtual reality casino! Are you ready for the next generation of casino VR poker? Download VR games from our list and get on the rollercoaster of the new, exciting dystopian sci-fi adventure! Share your experience with others and see how the face of gambling industry changes in front of your own eyes! The VR experience is so real, that you‘ll think that you are in an actual casino! Enjoy the crystal clear 3D images, the harmony of the sound and vision and enjoy some real quality casino gaming!